A little fat fantasy story I just came up with…

"Fat Acceptance"

I was always average sized growing up and when I hit puberty I started to realize that I was attracted to some of the fat boys at school. I came out of the closet at 14 but I was ashamed of my attraction to fat so I dated other slim guys. I just didn’t have the guts to let anyone know I was turned on by fat and bellies.
It wasn’t until college where I worked up the nerve to ask a fat guy out. I met him online and we met for coffee. His name was Steve and he was about 500 pounds and was in his early 30s. His profile said he like slim guys. I was 5’9” and 180 pounds so I guess I was what he liked.
It went well so I asked him out again and he said he wanted to cook me dinner at his place.
The next evening I drove to his house for our second date. I was impressed he owned his own home. I wasn’t opposed to dating a guy with a good job! I was a poor college student after all.
He cooked a delicious dinner and he made sure I ate everything he put in front of me. He patted my non existent belly after I was done eating.
We sat on his couch and cuddled next.
I was in ecstasy as his enormous belly was laying on top of one of my thighs.
We made out for a bit and got naked.
His body was covered in rolls of hanging fat. It was like he was a big pink mass of quivering jello. Everytime he moved his body was like a living waterbed. The fat on his body moved like a slow motion wave of blubber.
He asked me if I’d ever been fat.
I said no.
He asked if I wanted to be fat.
I said no.
He asked why not?
I told him that I was ATTRACTED to fat, but I liked being thin. I saw how fat people were treated and made fun of and even though I found his body sexy, I wouldn’t want to BE fat myself.

He got up to get a drink of water.
When he returned he brought a glass of water for me too. We both drank them and kept cuddling but soon I got sleepy and I realized I needed to go home.
He thought I was too drowsy to drive so he suggested I sleep over.
We got into his bed and he kissed me goodnight. He was such a gentleman.
I felt he really liked me. This was a good second date. I felt safe with him.
I fell asleep right away.

I woke up in the early morning as the sun was just coming up. I saw Steve sitting in a big chair in the corner of the room watching me lovingly. I say up in bed and as the drowsiness wore off I realized something was different. My body felt strange. I pulled the blanket off and I screamed out loud. I was fat! WTF! How could this happen?! I went to bed thin! I must have gained 100 pounds when I was sleeping!
Steve apologized and admitted he put a special weight gain formula in the glass of water he gave me last night.
He said he liked me a lot and thought we’d make a great couple. He promised to take care of me but he felt that I was in denial about my true desires. He thought that I wanted to be fat but I was suppressing it.
I stood up. I took a lot of effort. I waddled my now fat body to his scale and got on. I was 300 pounds! I’d gained 120 pounds overnight!
I stood in front of his full length mirror and looked at myself. My once thin and taut body now had a sagging belly, male breasts huge thighs and my face had a big double chin. I was obese. I would be the object of ridicule in public. I’d be looked at like a fat pig. I felt ashamed and disgusted and angry at Steve for doing this to me. I sat down on the edge of the bed because I was out of breath for standing up with all this weight added on to me. I began to cry. Actually it was more like weeping. I buried my face in my hands and cried for about 10 minutes.
After the crying was over, I looked over and Steve was still sitting there. He looked very sad and upset. He realized that he’d done a terrible thing to me. He apologized and said that he knew what he did to me was inexcusable.
I told him it was and he shouldn’t have done it, but the crying wasn’t because of him making me fat. I told him when I stood in front of that full length mirror I was shocked at what I’d become but also I instantly realized for the first time in my life that being fat turned me on and made me feel authentic. The tears were me working through all the hang ups I’ve been carrying around all my life about fat. I guess I’ve always wanted to be fat but I suppressed it. I smiled at Steve and thanked him for helping me become my true self. I only had one more question for him.
He asked what it was.
I said “Would you help me to get even fatter?”
Steve smiled and said “Of course fatboy”.

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The Gaining Life - Episode 39: cowboygainer4u

In this episode we talk to cowboygainer4u. Even as a kid he had a desire to be really fat, but growing up in his family, obesity was looked down upon. He waited until he was in his 20s to start his gaining journey and has gained over 400 pounds in the last 10 years to get firmly into the 600+ pound club. Hear how he came out about gaining to his family and friends, how he wants to become the world’s fattest man and why he doesn’t care if he becomes immobile doing it. We also discuss some medical scares he’s had, his thoughts on mortality, and being gay and fat in the Bible Belt, among other things.

If you’re interested, he also has videos for sale at http://clips4sale.com/store/70055/. Just type “cowboygainer” into the the keyword search to find his videos.

Running Time: 45 mins.

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After a weekend of eating my shirt seems snugger .